Best Price, Best Service, Best quality! Product quality is the foundation forth success and development of the Company. So, Khmer Creative Design & Printing, always appreciate the investment in equipment and technology scientific applications into production.

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Product quality is the foundation forthe success and development of the Company. So, Khmer Creative Design & Advertising, always appreciate the investment in equipmentand technology scientific applications into production. Product packaging and labeling of Khmer Creative Design & Advertising, including offset and gravure printing products.

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Graphic Design - Consists of general layout or the complete design of your marketing material. Whether formed on your idea or created from scratch, our full design services are at your disposal.

Typesetting - Already have a logo? We offer a complete range of simple text typesetting and a wide range of font styles for you to choose from.

Layout - Not sure of how to layout your job? We have plenty of options for you. From logo placement to background and text applications we can complete the job for you.

Color Correction - Generally used to enhance the quality and color of your photos or documents. We apply this process to ensure the quality of our customers printed item.

Logo Design - Creating a certain look for your company can be challenging. With some basic information we can help your logo tell your company story.

Company Branding - Branding is the use of a common marketing vision to portray your company in a consistent light. This can be achieved through common log use, common color choices or a common themed set up.

Full Color Proof Samples - We offer color proofing samples for most items. These proofs are produced according to the specifications of the actual job to ensure that the customer is sure of the product that they will receive.

Web Graphics - A common theme of design now to be used on websites and other internet based options. Take an image and add it to your website or email.

Folding - Several folding options are available for most items. Z folds, tri-folds, half folds and more.

Cutting - Using an industrial cutter we can cut a wide array of papers and may different sizes.

Scoring - Scoring is used to create creases in the paper for folding by hand. It is very useful to fold thick cover stock when machine folding is unavailable.

Perforating - Perforating creates small holes in the paper for a tear-away option for some printed items. Very useful for raffle tickets, coupon and other items.

Numbering - Used to number sheets for raffle tickets, discount coupons and other items.

Laminating - Applying a thin transparent film to paper. Usually applied to thicker stocks to protect the sheet.

Hole Drilling - Holes can be drilled into the paper to fit into binders or other items.